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Natural & Clean Pet Spot & Odour Remover

Cleans and freshens

Natural & Clean Pet Spot & Odour Remover is a modern approach to odour removal. It is designed to attack and eliminate odours and their offending causes naturally. The product has been successfully manufactured through harnessing naturally occurring microbes which attack and degrade organic waste matter, thus eradicating odours and their primary sources.
Safe to use
Natural & Clean Pet Spot & Odour Remover is ideal to use on most carpets, rugs and upholstery. It contains naturally occurring microbes and has a powerful microbial cleanser to attack the organic spots and spills. It is solvent & phosphate free and safe to use on pet's bedding.
The Natural & Clean Pet Spot & Odour Remover can be used on most surfaces and fabrics and is effective in removing all odours left by pets including cat spray, urine, vomit, faeces and hairballs.

Note: Unsuitable for use on cotton velvet upholstery or material which is unsuitable for wet cleaning.

Available in 300ml



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