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Natural & Clean Clumping Cat Litter

Made from 100% natural vegetable fibres with no nasty chemicals or artificial additives, this is an eco cat litter with a difference!

The patented odour control formulation in the litter completely eliminates malodour and with this clumping formula you need only remove the waste clumps. Once removed, clumps can be safely flushed down the toilet and as the litter is fully compostable you'll never have to worry about disposal issues again!

- Patented odour control completely eliminates even the most pungent odour
- Absorbs upto 300% it's weight in liquid
- Organic and 100% biodegradable
- Soil like texture is low tracking and soft on paws
- Clumps are flushable and the litter can be composted
- Contains NO artificial scents, binding agents, biocides, silica or silica dust
- Lightweight - by volume weighs 50% less than clay alternatives
- Long lasting value

How to use:
Pour 7-10cm of Natural & Clean cat litter into a dry tray.
Maintain this level for optimum, long-lasting odour control.
Simply scoop out clumps & solids on a daily basis.
Only replace entire contents of tray when necessary.
Ensure solids are disposed of prior to composting litter.

If you would like any help or advice on adapting your cat from their normal litter to Natural & Clean litters please contact us.

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